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Welcome to Hunter's Honey.

Our family, Doug, Michelle, Riley and Alex, are active beekeepers and honey processors in the heart of southeast Nebraska. Our bees flourish in hives surrounding alfalfa hay fields, clover fields, grass pastures with wildflowers and row crop fields. Our Nebraska-made honey is pure honey -- no sweetners have been added and our honey is never diluted.

The quality of our honey starts with our bee hives. Our family-owned business keeps our bees healthy all year long.

You will not be disappointed in the flavor, clarity or quality of Hunter's Honey.

Unlike other Honey providers Hunter's Honey is 100% Pure Nebraska Honey.

Hunter's Honey cannot be found in stores.

Only 100% Pure Nebraska Honey.


Email us for more information.

Hunter's Honey
17000 Leisure Ct
Hickman NE 68372

Hunter Honey
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